Act! Company Builder

Are you also bothered with the task of coupling your contacts to (new) companies, each time you do a contact-import? Not anymore, with ACT! Company Builder!

With ACT! Company Builder you can automatically connect a series of contacts, which have the company name filled in, to the correct companies.

If the listed company of a certain contact does not exist yet in ACT!, it is automatically created.

You can even decide for yourself which field is used for determining a company already exists or not. This doesn’t have to be the Company name field, but can also be – for example – a customer number.

This way, importing a list of contacts becomes very easy: you use the standard functionality of ACT for importing contacts from Excel documents, and let ACT! Company Builder connect these contacts to the right companies, which are automatically created if they don’t already exists!

System requirements: ACT! 2010 and higher.

BUY license for $99.00 (ex. VAT)

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