Act! Salutation tool

Do you regularly catch yourself in incorrectly writing the salutation and attn.? Are you always correcting your database with the correct values, which is a pain to do right in each language ?

That’s where ACT! Salutation Tool comes in.
You only have to enter the name in the ACT! Contact-field and any titles in other fields and the language the person speaks. ACT! Salutation Tool then automatically fills in the correct values in your salutation and attn. fields!

You can even choose between an formal and informal mode, so you can differentiate your business- and private contacts.

Imagine, you have a business contact, sir John Edwards, which is MA, engineer and physician. You then fill ‘MA, eng.’ in in the ‘title before’ field, ‘physician’ in the ‘title after’ field and ‘m EN’ in the input determination field, which means ‘male English’. ACT! Salutation Tool then automatically fills in the salutation and attn. fields with respectively “Dear sir Edwards” and “Sir MA, eng. J. Edwards physician”.

If this person is a friend of yours and you fill in the value “m EN i” (male English informal) in the input determination field, this becomes respectively “Dear John” and “John Edwards”.
Also the first name and surname can be extracted to other fields.

You can configure ACT! Salutation Tool to a great extent. You can for example configure the greeting (‘Dear’, ‘Liebe’..) per language and formal/informal mode, and which ACT! fields you want to use.

Act! Salutation tool applies to the languages English, Dutch, German, French and Spanish.

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