Your personal document management tab in ACT!

With DocFlow one can easily connect a folder structure t a contact, company, group or opportunity in Act!. This folder structure can for example reside on your company network. You will then get a Windows explorer-like folder structure for each contact, company,
group and opportunity. 

Imagine, you have organized and documented your projects in folder structures on your company network. With DocFlow, you could attach such a project folder structure to an opportunity in Act!. When you open up this opportunity, you can easily access all documents regarding this project. You can also create subfolders from within DocFlow, like Project plan, Invoices, Quotes, Email messages, etc.

The advantage of DocFlow is that you can also access these documents without having access to Act! (via Windows explorer). So even though your colleagues-without-Act! put their documents via Windows Explorer, they are connected to Act! as well.
With DocFlow you can create, copy, move and delete folders. You can drag files from Windows Explorer to DocFlow (copy or move). You can execute files from DocFlow by doubleclicking them. You can even scan documents from your (network)scanner right
into a DocFlow folder, and send multiple files at once via Outlook by selecting them and pressing the Email button.

System requirements: ACT!2013 or higher

BUY license for $65.00 (ex. VAT)

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  • 23-07-2018:
    added feature: docflow-folder-as-windows-explorer-favourite

  • 13-09-2018:
    Prevent crash while copying default folder structure when insufficient privileges for copying privileges