With he standard functionality of Act! you can only attach email messages to a contact.

With Email2Act! you can also attach incoming as well as outgoing email messages to companies, groups and opportunities.

If you, for example, save your projects or orders as opportunities in Act!, you can easily attach all related email correspondence to that project / order.


This is useful if you’d like to search an email message regarding a specific project / order.

Hereby, you can either automatically let Email2Act! attach the email message to the corresponding Act! contact, or manually attach to one or more contacts, companies, groups and/or opportunities.

You can also search the Act! addresbook from within Outlook, to automatically fill in the ‘To..’ and ‘Cc..’ fields.

Once an email message is attached, a confirmation pop-up window appears.

Email2Act! is available from Act! 2012.

BUY license for $89.00 (ex. VAT)

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  • 09-11-2018:
    Bugfix for preventing Outlook to crash after attaching a certain amount of email messages.

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